Thursday, May 21, 2009

And The Winner Is? . . .

Fuck American Idol. No seriously, did any of you watch that season finale? I don't care if he is an EMO fag, why should anyone even care about that shit in this day and age? This was about singing. Adam Lambert was by far the more talented singer and should have won that competition hands down. The most entertaining event of the night had to be the Round #2 smackdown between Idol judge Kera Dioguardi and Bikini Girl.

The duet ended with Dioguardi totally blowing Bikini girl off the stage vocally, then closing the number by ripping her dress off to show America her own 38 years old buffed little package in a bikini! ... NICE!

Damn, who knew that bod was under those clothes all this time?

Ok, so enough with that. Can you tell we're officially in the slowest and most boring fucking stretch of the offseason? Yep, it's the dreaded post-draft period. There’s no fucking football on, and there won’t be any football on for quite some time unless you're that hard up to be watching retro throwback games on the NFL channel with the fucked up graphics that remind you of your 1st Tecmo Football game. You’re angry. You feel the anxiety eating you alive. You’re not pleasant to be around, sometimes even hateful. We understand. At Tomlin's Crib, we're here to take the edge off a little. No, we're not pushing pot or painkillers, but we do offer things like this, and this. And on occassion, maybe even a little bit of that.

We also have the Playoff Pens too! ... GO PENS! ... Better yet, in about 2 minutes we're about to take a 2 game lead on the Cains just as soon as these guys are done beating the shit out of each other.

I'm not just feeling Cup, I'm feeling more rings in Pittsburgh! Bring it home boys, bring it home.


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