Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jerome Bettis Has His Own Cuervo Tequila

Earlier this year, Jerome "Bus" Bettis celebrated his 37th birthday at Club Pure at Cesar's Palace. As a gift, he received a personalized bottle of Jose Cuervo Platino Tequila with pictures of his playing days on the box. And I must say, that is a mighty fine box of tequila. I'm sure a few 'Yinzers like meself would pay a little jack to get our "drinks on" with the #36 round mound of pound himself.

Also present was former teammate (and tequilla connoisseur) Hines Ward. I'm sure they exchanged wonderful stories about who has the better vintage cognac stash back at the crib!

Bettis DOES have a thing for tequila, as he gave away Super Bowl tickets on behalf of Cuervo last year. The man is consistent, as we Steelers fans can attest.
I wouldn't look for the Bam Morris "crack pipe" anytime soon.


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