Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Bigger Better?

So the Steelers received their Super Bowl XLIII rings in a private ceremony yesterday evening just prior to many of the Steeler players jumping into their cars and speeding over to the igloo just in time to watch the Pens game #6 victory over the Wings. The ring is big, real big. No, I'm talking Texas belt buckle gaudy BIG. Big to the extreme that it has even some of the Steelers players saying, "Daumn!"

While the latest Super Bowl rings size may not impress such urban bling king legends such as Flavor Flav who took wall clock necklaces to a whole 'nova level, its size alone is sure to turn some heads. How's this for a size comparison? This is Charlie Batch's ring from Super Bowl XL along side his latest jewelry addition.

In keeping with a long-held tradition of championship rings, is ghetto gaudy. In keeping with Steelers tradition, it is black and gold -- 14-karat gold (and all those diamonds) on a black background.

The face contains six large, brilliant-cut diamonds, one for each Super Bowl victory. There are seven other diamonds that represent the Steelers' seven conference championships and seven others below to add up to their 14 division titles in a football design.

The face includes a red, blue and yellow stone to resemble their hypocycloid logo. On one side of each ring are six Lombardi Trophies with the 27-23 score of their victory against Arizona in the Super Bowl. On the other is the ring owner's name, the Steelers helmet logo, the NFL logo and the player's number.

"This is the defining moment," Batch said, "to put an exclamation point on last season. It signifies everything we accomplished as a team last season."


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