Friday, June 5, 2009

PENS WIN! - Series Tied

The sleeping giant has awaken! The Pens tied the series 2-2 last night as Sid and Gino lead the Pens to a huge 4-2 win! (should have been 5-2, but the refs didn't think calling a penalty on Detriot when we had an open shot at an empty goal from 8 ft. away was the right call to make!) Far be it from me to bitch about because we won, right? ....


Game Notes:

Malkin's assist was his 35th point of these playoffs, the most anyone has gotten in the postseason since Wayne Gretzky of Los Angeles accumulated 40 in 1993.

"We won this one because we believe," forward Max Talbot said.

Now this is what I like to hear .... because I know another team that believed as well!


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