Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camp Tomlin 2009 Begins!

On what is described as an absolutely gorgeous weekend on the nostalgic and rustic campus of St. Vincent College, the 6 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers took the field this Saturday and Sunday to set about the task of defending their title and earning a seventh. As always, the morning session was closed to the public, but the afternoon session was open for fans to get their first glimpse of their gridiron heroes since the uber-dramatic finish to Super Bowl XLIII. And boy, did they turn out. There were easily 5,000 fans jammed along the hillsides and grandstands

I absolutely loved this guy's shirt. I don't think I've seen this one before.

Yes, Steely McBeam is in Latrobe as well. Am I the only one that sees this guy as the deathly frightening nightmarish pedophile who breaks into your home in your dreams, quietly creeps up the stairs, sneaks into your bedroom, and bludgeons you with a sledge hammer until your body is lifeless and no longer moving? ... then continues this maniacal rampage on the rest of your family before you wake up from this dream?

yeah .... you're right, it's probably just me. ;)


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