Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Ben Pimping Big Trucks

File this under the "You've got to be shitting me" category. Now I can get down with some Big Ben's Barbecue Sauce on my ribs, or occasionally even some Big Ben's Beef Jerky when I have the need to chew on a dried up stick of rawhide textured cow ass cured in salt, but I've got to draw the line when Ben starts pimping automobiles.

In the perpetual quest to sell the excess inventory of large, expensive, manly, amped up testosterone generating trucks that get 2 telephone poles to the gallon (during a recession mind you), It looks like the brilliant marketing minds at Cochran Automotive, a giant auto dealership in Pittsburgh, are offering a special edition Ben Roethlisberger model truck. The 2008 Ben Roethlisberger GMC Sierra, is available exclusively at their GMC showrooms in Monroeville and Robinson.

The Big Ben Package Includes: Corsa Sport Exhaust, Chrome Door Handles, Chrome Mirror Caps, Chrome Grille, GM Bedliner, Tonneau Cover, Bugshield & Vent Shades, Custom Ben Roethlisberger Graphics, and Chrome 6" Side Steps.

Sure, you may go broke driving this gas pig around, but look on the bright side, the chicks may dig you! .... but then again, they may not. Showing up in this while holding part-time job at Primanti Brothers may just add to your legacy as an self-absorbed idiot who want's desperately to be accepted by the cool kids who have always laughed at you ... not with you.

Buyer Beware: Just remember to think twice about driving this black beauty down to Heinz Field for the big game on Sunday. If Ben has a really bad day and throws 4 picks and totally blows the game, there's probably a pretty good chance that you'll have a fresh set of limited edition "Big Ben" key marks going across the door and down the quarter panel.


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