Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bungals have a "Major Announcement" Regarding 2009 Pre-Season

Stop what you're doing everyone. The Cincinnati Bengals rallied the media yesterday and cut into local TV programming to say they have "an announcement regarding a major development for 2009 pre-season" according to their press release. Wow, a "major development" ... Now I don't know about you, but when I think of the word "MAJOR", I'm thinking BIG .... like real BIG. Even bigger than this ...

The Press Conference yeterday indicated this announcement will be made today (Thursday) at high-noon, and coach Marvin Lewis will be among the speakers.

So I checked into the Cincinnati Enquirer today to see what this groundswell of excitement is all about, and I was extremely disappointed to find out that it isn’t something that major at all. In fact, I thought the Bengals teaming up with HBO to do a show titled "Hard Knocks" was a form of humorous irony. Considering some of the questionable "bad boy" characters the Bungals seem to attract under Lewis, perhps COPS will want to team up with they'll team up with them.



SteelerSal said...

I like the Hard Knocks series. I watched the past couple because of the inside look you get from the rookies and vets that are usually overlooked.
This series with the Bengals I wont watch because they are a disgrace to the league. Would of been better if they featured the Lions, a team looking to turn things around after the season they just had.IMO

Great site you have, by the way!!!


Lambert Fan78 said...

I agree, Hard Knocks the series is pretty good. I may watch this Bungals version. However, I'll watch with more of a "bystander" perspective than anything else. You know, in the same manner that people stand around the monkey cage at the zoo watching primates pick their ass and spit on people.

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