Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Foote Brushing Up On F-Bombs

According to PFT, Larry Foote's vocabulary is expanding quickly in his new role in Detroit.

As most of you know, ex-Steelers LB Larry Foote spent his entire NFL career as a Steeler. During that time, he helped us win a couple of rings which we will always be grateful for his contributions.

But last week, proof that Foote doesn't always make the best decisions, Foote got his wish and was released from the Steelers in order to avoid his inevitable benching — due to the presence of 2007 first-rounder Lawrence "the machine" Timmons.

Bitter Sweet Departure

While Foote will now get to play his hometown team, the Detroit Lions, the bad news is that .... well, they're the Detroit Lions who happen to play in the cesspool of America .... Not only does Detroit Suck ... the entire city is now broke and in bankruptcy.

And, apart from the obvious differences between the the two silver trophies in four years and the zero wins in 2008 (holy shit is he in for a culture shock!), Foote has already noticed a major distinction.

There are a lot of curse words going on here,” Foote recently told WDFN in Detroit (via Mlive.com). “I think I heard more f-bombs in one day than I have in five years.”

It’s more than the words.

“It’s a lot different from Pittsburgh,” Foote said. “I don’t know if it was the new coaches or the new staff, but it was military style yesterday. Pittsburgh is a little bit more laid back.”

Laid back in Pittsburgh works for us. And it works well. Tomlin knows what buttons to push, when to push them, and to whom the buttons need pushing.

Whatever the Lions have been doing hasn’t worked. For, like, 50 years. Mr. Foote, all I can say to you brother is, "Good luck, the ground has definately shifted beneath you and you may want to invest in a good book on Change Management. "Who Moved My Cheese" is an oldie but a goody. .... Just say'in.


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