Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want to be like "MIKE"

Just look at him . . . a man of the people. Front row behind the glass during the Pens vs. Caps series at the Igloo, and now living large in the swankey Lexus Club seats at PNC Park gettin his Bucco's baseball on. All in one week ... proving once again that all the world is Mike Tomlin's Crib.

C'mon, who in the hell wouldn't want to be "like Mike?" This cat is living the dream!

Yes, it's none other than Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin who got more attention on TV last night than MelKeiper's 60's retro pompadour hair style at a stylist convention. The Pirates snapped an 8 game losing streak against the St. Louis and I'm sure Tomlin sitting directly behind home plate heckling the hell out of the Cards had something to do with it(just kidding Coach T). But wouldn't it be funny if Tomlin was talking shit like, "Hey Albert (Pujols) ... If you even think of hitting this pitch I'll be sure Harrison and Woodley pay you a personal visit to show you how we play ball in Pittsburgh ... Steelers style!"

I highly doubt Tomlin was heckling or that he served as some good luck charm for the Pirates. I think Zach Duke's pitching probably had something more to do with it.

Note: Tomlin, unlike almost every other person who sits in that section, did not once during the game pull out a cell phone and alert a friend or family member that he was visible on TV. He also appeared more emotionally invested in the game from the front row than John Russell did from the dugout.

Credit: BugsandCranks


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