Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take One Last Look at this Ugly Mug

Because it's the last time you'll see him on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Pardon the interruption while I inform you of the long awaited, much anticipated firing of Tony Kornheiser from the MNF broadcast booth. What's that you say? .... "What took them so long?" .... Well, I can only assume they needed to find just the right asshole that says things that annoy people and becomes a loud mouth personality that everyone hates, but they become a ratings grabber so ESPN excuses the assholish'ness. Ahhhh haaaa! ... found 'em.

I'm not going to rip Chucky too bad here because Kornheiser was that bad. Actually, this could be fun to watch play out. Let's see how long it takes for a player to get caught up in the moment and punch Gruden in the face for saying something he shouldn't have.

Perhaps "Chuck" can now force Al Michaels into retirement!


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