Monday, September 21, 2009

Steelers Lose to Bears 17-14

This is about the only humor I got from yesterday's loss. (click link)

Ok, so that game sucked!

After sifting through the rubble of yesterday's debacle and some of the comments I've seen on various message boards, two very specific themes have emerged.

1) Lack of enthusiasm, no real juice, from players, coaches, etc. The team just had a very FLAT vibe to it from whistle to whistle.

Sure, some will want to blame Skippy Reed's 2 missed field goals, but there were other contributing factors going on. Not sure what to make of this or what the root cause may have been, but these cats better effing get it together and take it out on the Bungals next week.

Personally, I think Skippy needs his magic party hair back!

2) Lack of, or extremely confusing game plan by Bruce Arians. I mean, what was the game plan? Was it to establish the run? Was it to establish the pass? Was it to play conservative? Was it to exploit the Bears weaknesses?

I'll be perfectly honest, I have no effing clue! It seemed like there was a lack of committment to ANYTHING. It appeared to have a "Bingo" mentality to it; a random shuffing of the plays and whatever ball came to the top of the chute, Arians called the play that was written on it.

Congrats to da Bears on making fewer mistakes and pulling out the win! Their fans were gracious in victory, but I still can't stand emo Jay Cutler.

On a final note, somebody call U.S. Air and ask them if they forgot to load the "no huddle" with the equipment ... because it never arrived in Chicago!


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